Krayon has its proprietary 3D pipeline for streamlined and efficient workflow. It's tightly integrated with fur, cloth and foliage. The software used for animation is Autodesk's Maya. In fact, Krayon's work has been featured in Maya's showreel.

Krayon's Render Farm is a densely packed cluster of 100 nodes, each of which has two Intel Xeon quad-core processors, 8 GB RAM and two 73 GB local hard drives.

The Render nodes are Dual Intel® Xeon® Quad Core E5440 80w 2.83GHz/1333MHz/12MB L2 powerhouses with 8GB PC2-5300 CL5 ECC DDR2 Chipkill FBDIMM RAM and two 73GB 15K SFF Non HS SAS hard drives and operating on Red Hat Linux.
The Storage is based on SOFS – scale out file system – a high availability file system with a total capacity of 48 TB, operating at Raid Level 5 and having a HDD Interface that's a combination of SAS and SATA with a bandwidth throughput of 500 MBPS.

The network is two-tier architecture made up of Cisco 6509E switch with Dual Sup720 3C 10G as a Core Switch with 8 10G ports, 96 Fabric enabled 1GigE Copper ports and 48 1Gige normal ports and Cisco 3750-E 48 port switch connected to Core Switch by 4 GigE copper uplink.